Programs and Classes

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2016-2017 fees 
3-hour class: $525
6-hour class: $775

lecture: $525

Point, Click, Quilt!
A one-hour digital slide show and trunk show based on my new book, Point, Click, Quilt! This lecture focuses on tips for taking better photographs, and then turning them into art quilts. This is an inspirational and detailed look at my process: tracing the photo; enlarging the line drawing; using it to trace the fused applique pieces for the quilt; creating a positioning overlay; and then cutting, positioning and fusing the pieces before thread sketching and quilting. A trunk show of pieces from the slideshow and additional work follows, and questions are welcome. 

The artist in you
A one-hour digital slide show and trunk show. I describe my personal journey from that of a traditional quilter to an artist who makes both traditional quilts and art quilts. I start with a digital slideshow, which shows my work and some of the techniques I use. Then I do a trunk show and a question-and-answer session. The focus is on ways for traditional quilters to become more creative by embracing their own “inner artist.” It is my goal to inspire and encourage quilters to try making an art quilt for several reasons: to challenge themselves, to unleash their innate creativity, to learn new techniques, to discover things about themselves through art, and to share their view of the world with others. 

Thread sketch it!
A one-hour digital slide show and trunk show. I cover what thread sketching is (and isn’t!), preparing your piece for thread sketching, stabilizers, types of threads and thread weights, sewing machine considerations, great tools, and how to add wonderful detail to your piece with thread, including color, line, pattern, texture, dimension and movement. I’ll also address getting over your fear of trying free-motion stitching. This presentation covers much of what I wrote about in my series of six articles for Quilting Arts magazine in 2010, and in the two Quilting Arts Workshop DVDs on the subject I produced in 2009 and 2010. 

Yes, you can do needleturn appliqué!
A one-hour digital slide show and trunk show. I walk you through my method of doing needleturn appliqué. I cover all the basics: fabric choice and preparation; several ways of making templates (or, better yet, working without templates at all!); creating positioning overlays; doing reverse applique; and stitching precise concave and convex points, curves, beautiful circles and bias vines. You’ll learn about the little details and tools that make all the difference: knots (starting and stopping), threads, needles, pins, sand boards, and marking devices. I finish with a trunk show and question-and-answer session. My love and enthusiasm for needleturn applique is infectious…Those in your group who admire needleturn appliqué but are terrified to try may just decide to jump in!

Thread Sketching: Snowflakes

Thread Sketching: Cripps Pink Apple

Thread Sketching: Still Life with Three Fruits

Thread Sketching: Crayons

Thread Sketching: Dragonfly

Paint and Stitch: Peacock Feather

Wholecloth Painting: Botanicals

Wholecloth Painting: Still Life

Paint & Stitch (2-5 Days)

Wholecloth Painting from Original Photos (2-5 Days)

Freestyle Embroidery

Tyvek: Paint, Melt, Stitch

November Leaves

Start With a Photo: Round Red Barn

Surface Design Madness

Needleturn Appliqué

Machine Quilting 101